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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Veggie Luv

Veggie Luv

Once upon a time there were two that became one, one-in the same, one for all - all for one, simpatico, joined or otherwise indispensable.

For a long time, they worked together and apart to stay together and keep together.

Then, one day, they took a new path and found themselves someplace else.

Now, this someplace was not ordinary, usual, or hard-to-get-to and both stumbled into it at the same time.

But it did taste great!

So, now their world is colorful, new, alive, excitingly different and the best way to go.

Anita and I had the urge to make this music video since we've adopted a plant-based diet. Shot entirely in the veggie world that we created in our dining room (ironic, no?), we ate most of the set.