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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My New Kala U Bass

The Little Wonder

I was surprised to hear the door bell ring about noon today and find our friendly FedEx delivery woman holding a box I didn't think would arrive until the middle of next week. This early arrival was my new U Bass electric baritone ukulele. And, what an amazing new invention this beautiful baby is!
It's called a Kala U Bass and is very small (30 inches stem to stern) and light (a mere 2 lbs) as opposed to my Fender P bass (45 inches long and 7 lbs). It sports soft polyurethane strings, has piezo electric pickups, (one for each string) and sounds just like an upright or double bass. I'm rehearsing with an Asheville singer songwriter, Neil Laurence, to join his act soon playing at coffee houses, parties, etc.


  1. Mister Bill - You are now on your way to becoming an elite Asheville musician with your hip U-BASS &
    collaboration on the upcoming MONSTER HIT about AVL appropriately name "LIFE IS SWEET" Right on DOOD !!!
    Neil Laurence

  2. Thanks for the comment, Neil. I'm looking forward to our collaboration.

  3. Covet Covet Covet. You're on the way to musicdom! Love the new Bass and I am way envious of your new music connection. Go Billy!

  4. Hey, Bob. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. i've got nowhere to go but up.