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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Color of Sound

Vibration is omnipresent.

And, every thing is always in motion.

Ask any scientist, artist, or kid on the street.

Their answer is the question.

Colors can be seen, heard, and felt.

All one must do is look, listen, and feel.

As humans, we are equipped to soak it up as sensory meaning.

Or, broadcast it as light waves, the motion of air,

or the on-offing vibrations of the fabric of everything.

Poets have been saying it for eons.

Musicians sing its praises in mantras of hope and love.

Sculptors reveal it from stone and clay.

The dance has no beginning nor end.

The humming sum of it is free for us to use at will,

but, many waste it without a conscious thought.

It emits beauty-in-motion,

and cannot be created or destroyed,

only used.

It is always everywhere forever.

-Bill Raddatz, Asheville

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