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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wicozani - Land of the Long White Cloud

Total Healing for All

Last night at Asheville's Dobra Tea, Anita Gayle and I witnessed a growing phenomenon - the well-deserved rising popularity of an eclectic trio of Western North Carolina artists/musicians that have dubbed their collaborative talents Wicozani, which is the Lakota Sioux word (an indigenous people of the Great Plains of North America) meaning total healing for all. As a fan of this group since they formed about a years ago, I can affirm that healing is what their unique sound is all about.

Wicozani performing live at Asheville's ARTery Gallery

Consisting of Linda Go with vocals, drums, and strings, Carl Peverall on his hand-made Magus Tone Drums, and Geri Littlejohn playing her own hand-crafted Green Grass Flutes, Wicozani weaves mesmerizing melodies that lowers blood pressure, calms the soul, and provides healing sound meditation to anyone fortunate enough to come within hearing distance of their mystical sonic synergy.

And now, anyone can experience Wicozani's relaxing musical musings through their new CD, Land of the Long White Cloud. Do your mind and body a soothing, centering favor and wrap yourself in inner connection and peace with Wicozani.

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