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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Flatpup4 - U

I'm happy to report that I received another Flatpup4 Humbucker in the mail today from Elmar Zeilhofer in Vienna, Austria, but this one is a new model Elmar has designed for use specifically in the bridge position of guitars. I am very excited to try this out and see how it works, or rather listen to how it sounds on my Kodakaster4 3-string canjo and the Utah Plates 4-string guitar. If the previous Flatpups I have purchased from Elmar are exemplary of his expertise, this new model should be very hot, warm sounding, and full-toned when amplified and with no hum, of course.

His flatpups are perfect for application to the outside of any electric guitar (or one that you want to make electric) since they are only 4mm thick and require no modification of the surface to which they are attached besides a very small whole to put the two power wires through.

I am honored that Elmar wants me to report to him how this new U-model sounds since it is a new addition to his line of very cool inventions, Flatpup Humbuckers. Of course, I will also report my findings here on my blog.

Stay tuned, Boys and Girls. The fun continues!

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