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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Levy's Straps, As Good As It Gets

From time to time, I write posts about musical products or accessories I come across that I regard as exceptional values. So, here's my take on one such product, Levy's Leathers guitar straps.

I already own two other Levy's guitar straps, wide and made from soft, beautiful suede leather, which have helped me be a better bass player since they make my two thumpers more comfortable on my shoulder so I can play longer. So yesterday, when I was practicing with my Telecaster which weighs almost as much as a bass, I decided that I needed a new strap that might be a bit more comfortable than the nylon web strap I was using. Plus, I figured I should buy a strap that was not only better on my old shoulder, but looked cool, too, and matched the black and white motif of my guitar.

I headed down to Asheville's Music Center store where I was greeted by one of the sales staff, Jim, who always helps me find just what I need. I told him what I was after and he said, "Well, your timing is good, Bill". The store had just received a shipment of straps from Levy's and he proceeded to go through a large carton of straps with me until I found just the right one at a very reasonable price. Sold!

As you can see, I got a perfect strap for my black and white Tele with soft, black cloth webbing and white accents. Ta Da! Problem solved.

But, while looks aren't everything, this strap, like all Levy's products I've seen, are built to last with great design, quality materials, and the highest workmanship. And best of all, this strap, about an inch narrower than my other two Levy's straps, is just as easy on my shoulder as the wider straps. I really like that feature the most.

So, am I happy with my Levy's Leathers straps (all three)? Well, if you don't know the answer to that question by now, you might want to read this post again.

Note: I see that Levy's motto is Your Guitar Is Worth It. I would add that their guitar straps are worth it, too.

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