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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Growing Family as a Seasoned Citizen

Some people aren't lucky enough to collect anything except unpaid bills. Being retired, as I have been for about 7 years now, affords me the luxury to collect fun toys like guitars, and beautiful objects that could actually accrue value in the years ahead, assuming our great country and larger world don't implode from corporate greed because our so-called leaders (the minority of humans organized as wealthy pirates who prey on the rest of us) finally manage to pull the plug on us all.

Be that as it may, suffice it to say that being born to white, educated, upwardly mobile parents a few short years after World War II didn't hurt my chances for having what I can call an easier-than-average time of it growing up in the midwest.

Even when I went to college and without a clue about what I wanted "to be", my loyal parents didn't throw me out, or demand too much from me when I didn't rise to their expectations academically. Sure, they were disappointed in my seemingly underachieving behavior and apparent lack of ambition, but they never called me lazy, and never, entirely, ever gave up on me, although sometimes I think maybe they should have.

After failing miserably numerous time at numerous schools, my parents did, however, give up on their dreams for me to become a dentist (oy) and finally let me enroll in a film school in Hollywood where I quickly found my creative groove, a woman who loved me the way I was, and the beginnings of a career as a filmmaker. After that I was, "Off to the races", as my dad used to say.

Now, after a successful 45-year career as a commercial filmmaker, I have recycled myself into a guitar player. Ta Da! Now, instead of cameras, lights, and editing software, I collect electric guitars and bass guitars. My life of creative obsessions continues. If you don't believe an old dog can learn new tricks, please check out my music offerings at my ReverbNation page.

Give a dog a bone!


  1. Looks a fine collection and being retired I'm sure you get to spend plenty of quality time with it.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Stan. Even though I am retired, I do have a full life just with the normal activities everyone must accomplish constantly merely to stay even. But, being retired has given me the opportunity to keep exploring the world more completely since I am not motivated to constantly be on a quest for income. I implore everyone to find ways to save enough to retire at some level of independence and be able to pursue interests that were perhaps put aside in one's youth for the necessity of having a career. I hope you get that chance someday, Stan.

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