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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


In the three years I’ve been lucky enough to be back into playing stringed instruments, I have been fortunate to amass quite an eclectic collection.

Starting from the left:
  1. Kala California Ubass (more bass, less space) 
  2. Utah Plates Electric 4-String Guitar
  3. Fender Telecaster Custom Guitar
  4. Fender CD60CE Acoustic/Electric Dreadnought
  5. Fender 1964 DuoSonic Guitar
  6. Cigar Box Guitar by Milton Cable
  7. Kala KA-CG Acoustic Concert Ukulele
  8. Kodakaster4 3-String Electric Canjo
Note: Click on the links above to read more about each instrument.

I am finding that each one brings me happiness through playing them in their own individual way. I try to practice at least once a day with one or more of these instruments. Along with all my great family members, friends, experiences, and occurrences in my life, I find it particularly meaningful and humbling to recognize, especially during the holiday season, the many advantages, both spiritually and physically, that I have had.

In short, I've got it made and I know it.

I hope you all have a wonderful time this holiday, and see that most of us have much to be thankful for.


  1. Looks like a case of multiple personalities..... uh, musical instruments !!

    Ed in ATL

  2. Or maybe conspicuous consumption. Thanks, Ed.

  3. It's a beautiful collection! I've been counting my blessings lately, too. Having amazing family and friends - as well as enjoyable activities and experiences - really does make life sweet. You speak to the advantages you've had - and one of my main advantages is you! Love you.

    1. Thanks, Anna. That's very sweet of you to say. I love you, too.

  4. Great post enjoyable to see your collection! I'm putting covet and envy behind me, and am indeed grateful that I too have rediscovered the joy of playing music. I'll keep working on my collection. In the meantime--Rock On! Bob

  5. Thanks for the comment, Bob. Hopefully we can meet mano y mano and jam someday. Keep on rockin'!